8th Annual Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival

Event Organizers

Michael McCray - Co-founder / Managing Director

USDA $40 Million Whistleblower, former Georgia ACORN Delegate, Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival

Michael McCray, Esq., CPA (inactive) is a dedicated human rights and public interest advocate. A Howard University, American University and Georgetown Law alumnus, Michael began his career in public service as a community and economic development specialist who pioneered new technologies at the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the White House Empowerment Zones Initiative under the Clinton Administration. Committed to youth and education, Michael McCray is a graduate professor who teaches Community Development and Community Development Finance at the Prairie View A&M University, Graduate School of Community Development.

 An award winning public interest activist and author of RACE, POWER & POLITICS, Michael McCray’s signature events are standing room only. Michael teaches his unique method of Packaging and Placement for Capital Formation to help non-profits, small businesses, churches and community organizations to help them leverage and profit from their unique competitive advantages.

A National Board Member of Federal Employed Women Legal Education Fund (FEW-LEF) and former National Board Delegate for Georgia ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now; Michael McCray champions national issues such as federal worker’s rights, fair lending (mortgage fraud) and judicial reform. Michael McCray is a recurring opinion columnist for the SCLC Magazine, and is a freelance writer whose column “The McCray Way” discusses community and economic development issues related to South East Arkansas.

Michael is the co-host of the annual Whistleblower Summit for Civil and Human Rights that takes place on Capitol Hill, where the prestigious Pillar Award is awarded to First Amendment rights advocates. Michael believes that selflessness and civic activism are where the healing process and transformation begins. Invite Michael to make a memorable contribution to conferences, events and conventions that welcome his “tell-it-like-it-is” style of story telling and audience engagement. Learn more about his training programs, invite him to speak or contribute to your conference, or place orders for his breakthrough book RACE, POWER & POLITICS--Memoirs of an ACORN Whistleblower—today.


Marcel Reid - Co-founder / Festival Director

Pacifica Whistleblower Liaison, former ACORN Chair (DC-VA), Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival

Marcel Reid has had a major impact over the last decade in grassroots community organizing, the whistleblowing community, and a national media foundation. Her efforts have resulted in major policy changes.

As a National Director, Chair of DC ACORN and one of a three-member Interim Management Committee (IMC) to reorganize ACORN after the discovery of a major embezzlement, Marcel came face to face with the difficulties in reporting corruption. This was her first exposure to fighting entrenched corruption and her introduction to the whistleblower community.

Later, Marcel was elected to serve as a director on the National Board of Pacifica Radio. In that position, she introduced a motion to have Pacifica support whistleblowers; making it the first national media organization to incorporate it into their platform. After the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA) passed in 2012, Pacifica’s steadfast support of whistleblowers was credited by many in the whistleblowing community as helping to reinvigorate the WPEA campaign after over a decade of unsuccessful attempts.

After serving on the board for three terms, Marcel became the first national media whistleblower liaison for the Pacifica Foundation, the only position of its’ kind, in media to date. She continues her efforts to shed light on corruption worldwide by actively supporting the efforts of whistleblowers globally. As an outgrowth, Marcel is the co-host of the annual Whistleblower Summit for Civil and Human Rights that takes place on Capitol Hill, where the prestigious Pillar Award is awarded to First Amendment rights advocates.