Whistleblower Summit Thanks and GAP Sign On Letter

Dear Whistleblower Summit attendees,

At last week's summit, we learned about whistleblower stories and successes, and we also learned that we have far to go before whistleblowers are afforded the rights they deserve. During his opening statement, Tom Devine from the Government Accountability Project outlined several legislative priorities that will advance whistleblower rights by closing loopholes in the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act. Those priorities include ensuring that whistleblowers have access to jury trials and allowing them to challenge retaliatory investigations.

At GAP, we are collecting signatures for a petition (attached to this email) to send to Congress and the administration outlining the priorities. Please email legislationintern@whistleblower.org if you are interested in adding your name to the letter. All we need is your name, the organization you're signing on behalf of (if applicable), and your position in the organization (if applicable). In addition, feel free to reach out with any questions you have about the petition. Each sign-on increases our chances of being able to effect change in the current whistleblower laws.


Thank you,

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