Senator Charles "Chuck" Grassley Welcome Message (2012)

Opening Plenary

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Room

226 Dirksen Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510



“The People's Watchdog” tells the story of POGO's efforts over 35 years to make the federal government more honest and effective. Here are some of our favorite lines from the poem:


...when oversight is undersight
or actually looking the other way
and when nobody else knows how to stop the widespread abuse
POGO is there, for the people
POGO knows and goes into action...
Investigating. Exposing. Fixing.
for the people
helping whistleblowers and amplifying their noise
causing trouble for the corrupt and breaking up
the big boys betting against us
the corporate cash banking on public ignorance
and private fear
POGO is here
unbought, upset, and unimpressed
putting power to the test...


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